Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Sorry I missed you

Hi Honey,

I'm sorry we basically did not see each other today. I really was not upset when you were home late, but rather grateful that it happened on a day when my first tutoring session was cancelled and thus we did not have a babysitter tied up (there's an image!). Then I was working for three hours instead of the 1.5-2 that I expected. The money is nice, and I know we have a lot of good things to put it toward (hello Roth IRA...cough...why is it so dusty in here? What's that? We haven't contributed in five years?). It's just hard to make sure that the current crunch we are both undergoing for work is not wearing either of us down unnecessarily. Ever since your lockdown scare last week, I have been thinking about how much we need your job, and how much mine is just extra, and thus how much I need to stop holding our two jobs in tension, and instead focus on making sure you can do yours well. Like it or not, my earnings are icing, yours provide benefits and everything we need to get by. (Good job!) So, I really am better able to reign in the irritation over the fact that your job bleeds into our nights and weekends and also better able to recognize that it works in my favor for you to be as peaceful at home as possible. So June Cleaver of me, I know. Also, very utilitarian, but it's better than being my usual PITA self.

Anyway, tonight (Wednesday) will be another episode of ships passing in the night, but I might be home in time for an hour together on Thursday, and certainly for the better part of Friday night (don't forget--Holy Day of Obligation!). The weekend will be busy, but mostly good things. Thank you for taking my need to organize our space so seriously, and thanks for being encouraging about me having extra hours with the sitter tomorrow. Also, thanks for offering to bring home food. I feel spoiled even though dinner was already ready. What I heard was, "I want to make things easier for you."

Love you like sinking into bed,

P.S. And did you faint when you saw the QR code that I made for you? I sorta did.